Bezel Setting
Bezel Setting Bezel Setting Bezel Setting Bezel Setting Bezel Setting Bezel Setting

Build on your metal skills by exploring the process of bezel setting.  This one day workshop will concentrate on making simple but beautiful bezels for pendants, earrings and rings in sterling silver.  The workshop will cover step and fancy bezels.  There will be a setting demonstration covering the bezel rocker, using a hammer and punch as well as the foredoom hand piece for the setting.  Bring your own stones or choose from a selection of cabochon and faceted stones sold by the studio. 

March 11, 2018

Sept 16, 2018


Square bezel pusher with wooden handle

Flat and half round forming pliers

Half round file (6 or 8" long) ( #2 cut) 

Steel Burnisher, Bent

 2/0 saw blades (1 dozen) 

Saw frame 

Supplies available at Metaliferous: 34 W 46th St., N.Y. 10036, 3rd floor.

The studio will have a selection of faceted, cabochon and picture stones for sale for the workshop with a wide price range but please feel free to bring your own selection of stones.  We recommend sticking to round stones with a good hardness.

We recommend going to these places:

R Gems – 48 W 48 St. #210 NY, NY 11036

Dikra Gems – 56 W 45 St #1005 NY, NY 11036 

Instructor: Davina Romanksy

$ 150.00