Learn how to make matching rings with your significant other or best friend in this fun and informative private workshop ! Students will start by learning how to recycle silver - using a torch you will melt silver together and form one ingot in which you will make 2 bands from. We will go over sawing, annealing, soldering, texturing, and different finishes.  You will also have the option to personalize the inside of your band with a hand stamped message <3

Silver Ring (3 Hour) : All materials and tools are provided.  

Gold Ring (5 Hour) : Please let us know what 2 days (1 week) apart you are available.  The first day consists of making a model in silver (provided) and the second day you will come in to clean your casting.  You will pay market price for gold, platinum, and palladium.

Feel free to email us with questions beforehand at

251 Grand Street Brooklyn, New York, NY 11211• (718) 387-6200

$ 420.00